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Christian Counseling | Battle For Your Life

Are You Searching For Lasting Healing and Breakthrough In Your Life, Marriage - or Congregation?

If The Answer Is ’Yes’ You’re In the Right Place.

We encourage you to look no further, because we believe the Lord has led you to us for help. We know that He has healing and victory for you!

Battle For Your Life (BFYL) is here for you if you are

  • Feeling anxious, depressed, emotionally wounded or sick, either in soul, spirit or body, and are exhausted from battling on your own or without victory
  • Having marital conflicts or contemplating a divorce, and need help moving forward in your marriage with joy, peace and purpose
  • A pastor or ordained minister wanting support for yourself, your marriage or your congregation to move to the next level or to restore that which is lost.

Every believer needs a safe and guarded place to go to receive encouragement and personal ministry. You will find that place within our compassionate and healing environment.

We also know that no every believer has access to high-quality, Holy Spirit-led, biblical counsel whom reside out-side of Dayton, and surrounding Ohio areas. This is why we also offer our power-packed counseling services globally via Online, secure Video.

We focus on transforming lives - soul, spirit and body, as well as, restoring marriages and other relationships through professional Christian counseling services powered by the

  • Word of God,
  • Healing power of the Holy Spirit, and
  • Guidance from the Holy Spirit

BFYL is a non-denominational ministry of counsel, war and VICTORY!

Schedule your Free Introductory Phone Consultation today or click on the information below for more details for you as an individual, a couple and/or a pastor.

Introductory Phone Consultation

Help For Yourself - Battle For Your LifeHelp For Yourself
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Marital Conflicts - Battle For Your Life

Help For Your Marriage
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Help For Your Congregation
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