Welcome To Victory, Finally!

Christian Counseling | Battle For Your Life

Battle For Your Life (BFYL) is a specialized, non-denominational and professional Christian Counseling outreach ministry that focuses on transforming lives, marriages and Christian congregations through its biblically-sound, wholistically-conscious and Kingdom-advancing worldwide services.

Our ministry's services are provided in a compassionate and collaborative environment. We have been set apart by providing a unique and effective counseling-warfare framework for our power-filled services. Our frame-work combines the Sword of the Spirit with the healing power of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of the timely Counsel of the Lord through the Holy Spirit.

We encourage you to look no further as we strongly believe the Lord has led you to us for help. Rest assured, we are a ministry of counsel, war and VICTORY!  

Help For Yourself - Battle For Your LifeHelp For Yourself

Have you been feeling anxious, depressed or even moody? Are you experiencing constant physical pain? Are you tired of seeking the advice of persons who never seem to truly understand your hurt? Does your life feel like a major battle that... Learn More

Marital Conflicts - Battle For Your Life

Help For Your Marriage

Are you unhappy in your marriage? Has your marriage lost its flavor or does it seem like its falling apart? Are you having constant disagreements or suffering from emotional, verbal and/or physical abuse behind closed doors?... Learn More

Help For Your Congregation

Have you, your pastoral or other ministerial staff been feeling overwhelmed or physically exhausted from caring for the emotional, behavioral, marital or familial needs of congregants within your church or... Learn More




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