Meet Our Founder

Angela Lowe, Founder & CEO of Battle For Your Life Counseling & Training
Angela Lowe, Founder & CEO of Battle For Your Life Counseling & Training

Angela Lowe is a licensed Professional Counselor, trained Biblical Counselor and certified Holistic Health Coach whose kingdom mandate is to restore God’s counsel; transforming lives, marriages, and churches worldwide.  She has witnessed first-hand, the miraculous effects of healing, deliverance and restoration for those who seek God’s counsel and follow it!

After several years of humbly, yet boldly petitioning God for specific details and instruction, the mission and vision for Battle For Your Life Counseling & Training Services, LLC (BFYL)  became clear, and in 2010 BFYL was born.  Angela is not your typical “counselor!” Using the authority and power of God’s Word and relying on the Counsel of Holy Spirit, she brings every spiritual gift God has given her and her team to help people win the battle for their life.

Strategically equipped with a Master’s degree in Clinical Community Counseling, she knows that worldly theories and philosophies can never fill the deep void in the lives of the hurt, lost and abandoned people she longs to reach.

In the Beginning

For years, God placed Angela in various environments, among emotionally and spiritually diverse people.  During those years she served, providing counseling, crisis intervention, education and consultation. From hospital emergency rooms to correctional institutions; from grade schools to college campuses; from outpatient to residential treatment centers; from foster homes to natural homes; and, from church to church, God was preparing Angela for emotional, physical and spiritual “fitness.”

Her training and experience over the past 15 years, has been diverse and her truest heart is with serving women, married couples, pastors, church congregations and leaders. Hours, days and weeks turned into months and years as Angela was trained and supervised in Biblical and Pastoral counseling. She was quickened, taught and transformed by the Holy Spirit and written word of God so as to stand before God, leaders and man as an approved vessel.

And Now

Today, Angela’s passion is to help people’s emotional, physical and spiritual health fully manifest, allowing them to fulfill their purpose and reach their destiny. To do this, she brings people into a face-to-face relationship with the love of Jesus, the healing power of the Holy Spirit and counsel of God.

With her God given gifts, Angela brings revelation, wisdom, understanding and guidance to situations so people can receive guidance, healing, deliverance and freedom from bondage or torment. A strong gift of discernment helps her accurately pinpoint the spirits that manipulate people, their marriages and congregations.

A biblically sound counselor correctly handles the word of truth to help set people free and guide them into fulfilling purpose in strength. Angela is used as a catalyst to make heaven a reality for lives, marriages, groups and congregations of people. She counsels in a very practical way, by the leading of Holy Spirit and God’s word.

Angela humbly continues to provide Holy-Spirit led, biblical counsel as an Ordained Reverend, who also functions in five-fold ministry as a teacher-prophet. Her passion as a five-fold minister is to teach people how to be emotionally, physically, relationally and spiritually healthy while prophetically speaking life and wisdom to God-given purpose, helping people in all nations to reach their destiny.

Called to effectively steward the mysteries of the Kingdom by counseling people, groups, cities, regions and nations, she works to set the highest standards of counsel that remains and establishes God’s will in the earthly realm.

In Her Down Time

Though Angela’s life is filled with ministry and training other counselors, she is grounded and balanced by her beloved husband, Jordan and sons Ollie and Ronen as well as the family dog, Sugar. Whenever she can, Angela spends time with her wonderful, God-fearing parents, her supportive sister and closest friends. Playing and watching basketball, attending outdoor events (and picnics in the summer) are some of her favorite things, along with supporting her sons in all their activities.

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