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Angela Lowe, Founder & CEO of Battle For Your Life Counseling & Training
Angela Lowe, Founder & CEO of Battle For Your Life Counseling & Training

I'm Angela Lowe, founder and CEO of Battle For Your Life Counseling and Training Services (BFYL). I'm a licensed Professional Counselor and a trained Biblical Counselor. I received a Master’s Degree from The University of Dayton in Clinical Community Counseling. My training in Biblical Counseling began through courses of The Master’s College, and has continued through trainings offered by various ministries, Christian organizations, Biblical Counseling resources and the Word of God itself. I'm also an alumni of Central State University and Sinclair Community College; both located in Ohio.

God has strategically placed me over the past 13 years within very diverse settings: from hospital emergency rooms to correctional facilities, high schools to college campuses, outpatient treatment to residential treatment centers, foster family homes to natural family homes, and, from church to church, to counsel, encourage, educate and equip adolescents, adults, married couples and congregations towards victory through Jesus Christ and warfare. God opened these doors of opportunity to ensure that I would be fully equipped to carry out the mandate God has birthed for my life’s work in ministry.

I grew up in a Christian home near Dayton, Ohio with a nurturing mother and a Christ-like father whom both loved me and encouraged me to live a life totally committed to Jesus Christ and helping others. I have purposed in my heart to live my life as I was initially instructed by my parents. In my early 20’s, I made a commitment for myself. My love for God and helping people wage victorious warfare through counsel is what energizes my Kingdom work. My diversity of experience has given me the sensitivity to connect with people of all ages in an authentic, illuminating and transformative way.

I am also co-owner of a Faith-based diversion company called Developing Amazing People (DAP) located in Dayton, Ohio with a goal of reducing recidivism rates within Juvenile Justice System, diverting juveniles from decisions and behaviors that would entangle them in the adult criminal justice system, sharing the love of Jesus Christ and challenging Juveniles (and their caregivers) to renew their minds with God’s truth and to live life in a morally-conscious way.

I currently reside in a surrounding area of Dayton, Ohio with my beloved husband Jordan, two loving sons, a family dog and a bird from her late teenage years. Whenever I'm not ministering to others, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, two sons and other close family and friends. I also enjoys studying the Word of God, doing research, watching college and professional football, playing basketball recreationally and watching my eldest son play basketball. I also love attending church and community events.

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