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Confidential Counseling Services for Individuals Confidential Counseling for Individuals

Have you been feeling anxious, depressed, or just plain moody? Are you experiencing constant physical pain? Are you tired of seeking the advice of people who never seem to truly understand your hurt? Does your life feel like a major battle that you just cannot seem to win?

Although you have been praying or seeking the guidance of your local church, there may be some deeper ‘soul’ problems unbeknown to you that keep you from experiencing breakthrough. At Battle For Your Life, we understand your frustration – which is why we’re committed to helping you re-gain your joy and liberty in Christ Jesus. We also know that “hope delayed can make your heart sick” (Proverbs 13:12), so our counselors are dedicated to helping you experience your healing and VICTORY as quickly as possible. Through our Spirit-led, Biblical counseling services, we will help you win the Battle For Your Life!

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Our Individual Services Confidential Counseling for Individuals

Do you struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety, rejection, or other emotional distresses? Are you bound by addiction? Do you feel alone? We want you to know that you are never alone because our Heavenly Father is always here for you and we stand ready to help you heal through Spirit-led, Biblical counseling. Let us help you reclaim your joy and peace today!

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Our thoughts and emotions affect every part of our lives, including our physical health and history of disease. If you’ve been feeling weighed down by health-related issues especially where lifestyle changes are imperative, Battle for Your Life is here. Whether you’re laboring to heal from a nagging injury or struggling to maintain a healthy weight, let us help you rediscover the whole and healthy you.

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Grief, Abuse & Trauma Counseling

In life, we can experience things that are difficult, painful, or unfair. You may be grieving the loss of a loved one, a job, a house, or a physical ability. Or perhaps you’re still suffocated by the dark, heavy emotions caused by abuse or traumatic experience from your past. At Battle For Your Life, our counselors are experienced and trained to help you not only cope, but truly heal from trauma and find comfort and peace in God.

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Abuse & Trauma Counseling

If you’re still struggling with the lasting feelings caused by a traumatic experience from your past, Battle for Your Life is here to help. Our counselors are experienced and trained to help those suffering from trauma not only cope, but heal. Won’t you contact us today?

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Working in an environment that requires you to physically or emotionally care for others can cause fatigue, depression, and stress. From nurses to Pastors, mothers to social workers, it is important that you receive Biblical guidance and support to strengthen and refresh you as you continue to support those around you. Don’t run on empty or you’ll crash and burn – let us help you refill your spiritual and emotional tank.

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Are you a new Christian? Do you still have questions about your faith? Do you need Spirit-led, Biblical counseling to help you grow spiritually and live out the purpose God has for you? Battle for Your Life provides professional Christian counseling services just for you. If there’s one thing a growing, new Christian needs, it’s the support and guidance of other mature and compassionate believers. Let us hold you by the hand and help you succeed in your new faith journey with God.

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Do you feel stuck trying to figure out God’s will for your life? Have you ever found yourself asking, “Why on earth am I here?” Are you in need of spiritual guidance? Battle for Your Life is a Professional Christian Counseling service providing Biblically-based, Spirit-filled guidance for our clients. We’re here to help you hear clearly what the Holy Spirit is saying, walk boldly in faith, and step victoriously into your calling.

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