Pre-Ministerial Assessment & Counseling

Pre-Ministerial and Leadership evaluation services are available to persons who are currently enrolled in a minister-in-training program within their local church or persons who are training to become leaders of a specific area of ministry. With this service, Battle For Your Life counselors and Ministers use their spiritual senses to thoroughly and comprehensively evaluate the leadership capabilities of trainees. Also, due to the spiritual and clinical nature of this specialized evaluation service, our counselors do whatever it takes to sharpen their gift of discernment on a continual basis. By doing so, our counselors are quick to uncover circumstances or issues that need to be addressed prior to an individual's ordination or assignment to a specific leadership role.

One of our main goals is to ensure that your current interpersonal, emotional, familial, marital and/or spiritual condition is aligned with your spiritual calling (or assignment). In addition to the evaluation, we provide follow-up counseling sessions to help address identified areas of concern. Come to Battle For Your Life where you'll finally experience God’s power, liberty and VICTORY!

Pre-Minsterial & Leadership Evaluation/Counseling

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