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A Prophetic Word on Relationships

In my daily life, I have been continually praying. I also provide counsel to individuals and married couples. Often I reflect on the condition of my own personal relationships. I also dissect the need for everyone to be taught how to relate practically. We all need to learn how to relate righteously and biblically. Read more

Patience in Marriage for More Peace

Let Patience Bring Peace to Your Marriage

Your marriage is beautifully unique. You possess some attributes that are not found in your spouse. Likewise, your spouse …

Arresting the Spirit of Jealousy Among Your Congregation

As disappointing as it may sound, jealousy exists among some congregations. The factors that lead to jealousy are somewhat …

Destroying the Spirit of Anger in Your Marriage

Does your spouse make a big deal out of simple mistakes, jokes and/or comments? If your answer is yes, it could mean he or …