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Defeating Jealousy in Your Marriage

The word ‘jealous’ is used several times in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament. You may be surprised to learn that the one who is described as jealous most often is God himself. We serve a jealous God. His jealousy for us comes from a place of love.

But is this kind of jealousy the same kind of jealousy that manifests in our marriages today? Can you love your spouse and be jealous at the same time? How do you get over the feeling of jealousy? All of these questions will be addressed today. Read more

Overcoming the Spirit of Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the main reasons marriages, friendships, ministries and congregations are falling apart. Just about anything can move one to jealousy. Sometimes jealousy moves one to the extent where a person becomes physically hurt or even killed. At the root of the problem of jealousy is a feeling of being threatened by someone else.  Many Bible stories bring out the theme of jealousy. In this post, we will mention Bible stories to compare the different circumstances in which jealousy manifests. Read more

Patience in Marriage for More Peace

Let Patience Bring Peace to Your Marriage

Your marriage is beautifully unique. You possess some attributes that are not found in your spouse. Likewise, your spouse …

Arresting the Spirit of Jealousy Among Your Congregation

As disappointing as it may sound, jealousy exists among some congregations. The factors that lead to jealousy are somewhat …

Destroying the Spirit of Anger in Your Marriage

Does your spouse make a big deal out of simple mistakes, jokes and/or comments? If your answer is yes, it could mean he or …