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Welcome To Victory, Finally!

Are You Searching For Lasting Emotional, Physical or Spiritual Healing, Divine Direction and Breakthrough In Your Life, Marriage – or Congregation?

christian counseling

If You Answered “Yes” To The Above Question, You’ve Come To The Right Place. christian counseling

Rejoice, For The Lord Is About To Bring You Out In Victory – Propelling YOU Towards Your Destiny!christian counseling

christian counselingAs a Christian, you will go through many trials and tribulations. There is an enemy who has waged war against those who walk with the Lord.

Today, you may be facing:

  • A Battle against your soul (mind, will, and emotions)
  • A Battle against your marriage and family
  • A Battle against your physical health and wholeness
  • A Battle against your identity in the Lord and fulfillment of your Kingdom purpose
  • A Battle against discerning the will of the Father when needing to make key life decisions
  • A Battle against your spiritual growth
  • A Battle against your financial health

To sum it all up = There is a Battle against your Life

How is a battle related to Christian counseling you might ask?
The Bible instructs us in Proverb 24:6 that YOU must wage your own warfare to have VICTORY. However, in most situations where there is a battle against your life or even your liberty you must first seek wise, holy-spirit led biblically congruent counsel (or advise) to come out safely and victoriously.

You are deeply loved by your Father in Heaven and He wants you to have a safe and guarded place where you can go to receive encouragement, guidance, deliverance, healing and the discernment of His will. He wants you to be counseled in an atmosphere that allows His power, His Counsel and His Love to breakthrough. You will find that place within our compassionate and healing environment.

Make no mistake – Not every battle is meant for you to fight.

God’s wisdom and strategy are required; to accurately target spiritual roots, provide divine direction and for breaking curses which could be contributing to your emotional, physical and/ or marital traumas and distresses.

We’ve got everything covered to help you win the battles against your life!

We are more than just a Christian counseling ministry – we are an extension of the ministry Jesus Christ fulfilled while on earth!

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