Help For Individuals

Confidential Counseling Services for Individuals (Ages 16+)

  • Have you been feeling anxious, depressed or even moody?
  • Are you experiencing constant physical pain?
  • Are you tired of seeking the advice of persons who never seem to truly understand your hurt?
  • Does your life feel like a major battle that you just cannot seem to win?

Man or woman of God, although you have been praying or looked for guidance from your local church, there may be some deeper ‘soul’ problems that you’re unaware of and this could be the reason you haven’t experienced any change.

At Battle For Your Life, we understand your frustration, confusion and devastation which is why we’re committed to helping you regain your joy and liberty in Christ Jesus.

We also understand that hope delayed can make your heart sick Proverbs 13:12, and so our counselors are dedicated to helping you find hope and peace, and to helping you experience your healing and VICTORY as quickly as possible.

Through our power-filled Christian counseling services, we will help you win the Battle For Your Life!

Grief Counseling - Battle For Your Life

Grief Counseling

If you're still grieving over the loss of a loved one, a job, a house, a physical disability or even a decline in your health, we will help you to return to a place of peace which is the will of the Lord.  We'll do so by providing you counsel, and by teaching you how to wage... Learn More

Compassion Fatigue | Battle For Your LifeCompassion Fatigue

Working in an environment that offers care and compassion to traumatized individuals on a daily basis could cause the caregivers to suffer from extreme exhaustion and fatigue. At Battle For your Life, we counsel individuals who... Learn More


Inner Healing-Deliverance Counseling - Battle For Your Life

Inner Healing

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, unforgiveness, rejection, abandonment, anger, bitterness, confusion, a mental health diagnosis, emotional and/or physical anguish? If your answer is yes, it may be that your... Learn More

New to Salvation Counseling - Battle For Your Life

New to Salvation

If you're a new convert (baptized within the past two years) who is seeking help, guidance and/or support to live a faithful and righteous life, our counselors are here to help you. Battle For Your Life counselors desire to help with the renewing of your mind so you may prove that good, acceptable... Learn More




Trauma Counseling - Battle For Your LifeTrauma Counseling
  • Are you a victim of abuse (e.g. gross negligence, rape, emotional, sexual or physical abuse)?
  • Have you witnessed a shooting, a natural disaster, suicide or domestic violence?
  • Have you experienced trauma in... Learn More





Weightloss and Wellness Support Counseling

Wholeness Counseling

If you'v been feeling hopeless, defeated or overwhelmed by weight-related and/or health-related issues, we can help you get your confidence or physical health back. At Battle For Your Life we counsel individuals who are struggling with obesity, sleep disorders, heart conditions, high blood pressure... Learn More






Please Note: If you are looking for a service that is not listed above, please inquire about your need by completing our contact form.


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