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Confidential Counseling Services for Individuals (Ages 16+)

  • Have you been feeling anxious, depressed or even moody?
  • Are you experiencing constant physical pain?
  • Are you tired of seeking the advice of persons who never seem to truly understand your hurt?
  • Does your life feel like a major battle that you just cannot seem to win?

Man or woman of God, although you have been praying or looked for guidance from your local church, there may be some deeper ‘soul’ problems that you’re unaware of and this could be the reason you haven’t experienced any change.

At Battle For Your Life, we understand your frustration, confusion and devastation which is why we’re committed to helping you regain your joy and liberty in Christ Jesus.

We also understand that hope delayed can make your heart sick Proverbs 13:12, and so our counselors are dedicated to helping you find hope and peace, and to helping you experience your healing and VICTORY as quickly as possible.

Through our power-filled Christian counseling services, we will help you win the Battle For Your Life!