Help For Couples

Confidential Christian Counseling Services for Couples (Married or Engaged)

Confidential Christian Counseling Services for Couples (Married or Engaged)

  • Are you unhappy in your marriage?
  • Has your marriage lost its flavor or does it seem like its falling apart?
  • Are you having constant disagreements or suffering from emotional, verbal and/or physical abuse behind closed doors?
  • Are you or your spouse contemplating a divorce?
  • Have you recently become engaged but have serious concerns about the potentials of not having a lasting marriage?

Man or woman of God, the truth is you are not alone. Marriages are being spiritually attacked on different levels and in different ways.But regardless of how irreparable your marriage might seem, the Lord can rebuild it for you. Like Jeremiah, the Lord is asking you today,“Is there anything too hard for Me?” Jeremiah 32:27. At Battle For Your Life, we understand the negative impact that marital problems can have on your soul, on your social life, on your career and on your overall health. Not to worry, everything you’ve lost in your marriage or as a result of your marital problems can be restored through the wise counsel of the Holy Spirit and by waging victorious spiritual warfare. At Battle For Your Life Our counselors are fully dedicated and equipped to help you and your spouse finally connect with healing, peace, guidance and VICTORY. We’re committed to helping you win the Battle For Your Life and marriage through our power-filled Christian counseling services!

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