Our Mission, Vision & Purpose

//Our Mission, Vision & Purpose
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Mission Statement Christian counseling Dayton OH

Christian counseling Dayton OH To spiritually guide and equip individuals, married couples and Christian congregations towards accelerated emotional, physical and spiritual healing, in addition, to complete wholeness in every other area of life, so they can focus on and victoriously fulfill predestined purpose while strengthening their relationship with God and others.

We do this through:

Submitting to and relying on the Holy Spirit and God’s Word, rather than simply relying on our clinical methods. We desire to be set apart, bringing the life, presence, and power of Christ’s Kingdom down to earth through the power of His Sword, which is the Word of God, and His Spirit, who provides true counsel straight from the Wonderful Counselor Himself.

We work to see every client restored to wholeness in soul, body, and spirit and walking in a strengthened and empowered relationship with God which enables true victory.

The results speak for themselves, as we have witnessed hundreds of people experience true victory and freedom for the first time after working with us.

Vision Statement Christian counseling Dayton OH

We envision:

  • God’s counsel will be restored, highly sought after and exalted above all other counsels – which exposes absolute truth and eradicates the invisible dark works of Satan
  • Christian individuals, married couples and families everywhere freely living out the plans of God for their lives and helping people be drawn to the love of Jesus Christ while fulfilling their predestined purpose, and
  • The ministries of Christian counseling, pastoral counseling, biblical counseling, and chaplaincy will be totally transformed to transform lives in every city and nation through comprehensive spiritual equipping

We all need spirit-filled guidance in life, from individuals to congregations. Whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, or lack of unity among your congregation, we’re here to help. 

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