Our Mission & Vision

Battle For Your Life Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement

To spiritually guide and equip individuals, married couples and Christian congregations towards liberty, thereby accelerating healing and restoration, so that people walk in health and wholeness of soul, spirit and body while strengthening their relationship with God and others to victoriously fulfill predestined purpose.

We do this through:

  • Providing a variety of biblically-sound, wholistic Christian Counseling and training services (locally and globally)
  • Depending on the leading Counsel of the Holy Spirit which enlightens, unveils and releases keys
  • Preparing an atmosphere where the unrestrained Power of Holy Spirit can uproot, heal and liberate
  • Utilizing the Sword of the Spirit (the spoken word of God) with precision for empowering, instructing and destroying the works of the devil through effective spiritual warfare (battle).

Vision Statement

We envision that the Ministry of Christian Counseling will be totally transformed, thus enabling transformation in every city and nation through:

  • Restoring and exalting above all other counsels the counsel of the Lord, which exposes truth and eradicates the dark works of Satan
  • Christians everywhere freely living out the plans of God for their lives and helping people be drawn to the love of Jesus Christ while fulfilling purpose
  • Offering Spirit-led trainings for Christian counselors locally and globally to sharpen their spiritual precision and giftings while caring for others
  • Establishing global satellite ministries through partnerships with churches and communities
  • Production and distribution of worldwide-available biblical counseling materials and programs.


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