Welcome To Victory, Finally!

Christian Counseling | Battle For Your LifeBattle For Your Life (BFYL) is a specialized, non-denominational and professional Christian counseling outreach ministry. Lives, marriages and Christian congregations are being liberated and transformed through the variety of wholistically-conscious, biblically-sound and Kingdom-advancing services we provide, worldwide.

Our ministry’s services are provided in a compassionate and collaborative environment. In addition, we provide all of our power-filled services from a unique and effective framework which combines the healing power of Holy Spirit, the empowerment of the Sword of the Spirit and the guidance of the timely counsel of the Lord.

We encourage you to look no further than where God has led you for help. We are a ministry of counsel, war and VICTORY!  

Our Power-filled Services

Trauma Counseling - Battle For Your LifeHelp for Yourself

Have you been dealing with depression, anxiety, mood swings or even physical pain, day after day, after day? Are you tired of seeking advice from others when they do not seem to understand what you are really going through or know how to help? Learn More

Marriage Counseling - Battle For Your Life

Help For Your Marriage

Does your marriage seem to be love-less, life-less or completely falling apart? Have you or your spouse been contemplating a divorce? Are there battles, disagreements or even emotional abuse going on behind closed doors that... Learn More

Help For Your Congregation

Have you, your pastoral or other ministerial staff been feeling overwhelmed, overextended or physically exhausted from caring for the intensive or chronic emotional, behavioral, marital or familial problems of congregants within your church... Learn More